Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Didn't You Tell Me?

You know, when I was pregnant with our first child, Ella, I thought I pretty much knew what to expect.  I was thinking along the lines of some crying, lots of changing diapers, discipline as she got older, making messes, etc.  However, there are just some things no one told me kids would do...and I have to say I've been pretty appalled to discover them along the way.  If your kids are older than mine (4 and 2) then this will come as no surprise to you!  BUT, if you aren't a parent or your children are still very little...then prepare yourself.

Things I didn't know kids would do:

  1. Try to put things in my nose.  I was prepared for things going up their nose...but was pretty shocked when the first thing went up mine!  Take my word for it, this is NOT a pleasant experience.
  2. WANT to touch every dirty thing imaginable.  I knew they would probably accidentally touch dirty stuff, because, hey...they're kids....but they STRIVE to touch dirty things.  Ugh!  This ranges from public potties, to the grocery store parking lot, to that chewed up, smashed gum stuck in the parking lot.  (I think I could throw up thinking about it...moving on...)
  3. Not go to bed.  I'm not talking about when they're a baby.  I had that one pegged.  I'm talking about my 4 yr old who still wakes up some nights and wants some random thing like a stuffed animal before she'll go back to sleep...or my 2 yr old who will lay in his bed jabbering for HOURS on end, refusing to go to sleep.
  4. Hurt me.  Repeatedly.  You'd think this was mainly my son's doing, but they actually share the blame for this one.  Noah frequently head butts me with that hard little noggin of his, while Ella (unlike her name, Ella Grace) hasn't yet mastered being graceful and frequently runs into me, drops things on me, steps on my toes. etc.  For a while I was convinced I must be invisible because of the amount of times they walked on me or into me.
  5. Melt my heart.  Yeah, I had to throw a sappy one in there...I AM a hormonal pregnant woman, after all.  Truly though, I knew I'd love my children.  Of course.  But I had no idea how a hug or smile could make me melt.  Just tonight I was laying on the couch looking pretty green, and nursing the bloody nose Ella had just given me when Noah came up and said, "Poor mommy!"  Ella was standing nearby, looking at me intently, and told me how sorry she was.  I don't love getting hurt, but man...they know how to make it all worth it. :o)  
What about you?  What has shocked you about your kids?

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