Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Egg fighting Trum-phee

Do you have any quirky traditions with your family?  I'm hoping you just said "yes" because it would make me feel a lot better.  

I am beyond blessed to have the family I do, and this Easter all of my mom's extended family got together and one of those quirky traditions ensued.  I don't even know if other people do this, but my family has an egg fight with our dyed eggs instead of hiding them.  Yep, now you're thinking we're weird...and...you're probably also wondering what in the world an egg fight is.  Here's the OFFICIAL rules (as per my family) to egg fighting:
  1.  Each egg has a little end and a big end, and you're only allowed to fight like ends.  (I'll pause while you go check the eggs in your frig since you don't believe me        .......................................................................see?  it's true!)
  2. One person hits and the other receives the hit. The person receiving the hit can cover up most of the egg but you have to be able to make contact. (of course)
  3. Whichever person's egg breaks is the loser.  When both ends of your eggs are smashed, you're out. 
I know this is a really complicated and highly intellectual game, so take a minute to re-read the directions if you need to ;o)

This year the egg fighting champion was my daughter, Ella.  I can't tell you how ecstatic she was to receive the coveted prize: an old (1975 to be exact...maybe we should call it vintage, it sounds better) cheer leading trophy that belonged to my aunt.  She put her "trum-phee" (her pretty cute pronunciation) on a special shelf that night, and even took it on a trip with us today so my sister could see it (because, as Ella informed me, she hadn't been able to see it yet.)  Since the egg fight that she rocked, she has asked me a gazillion times when we're going to have another egg fight.  

We all like recognition, and we all store up trophies either literal or figurative...like....

best-mom-ever trophy  
champion of pinterest creations
MVP at your work
1st place for most and/or coolest toys

My prayer for my kids (heck, for me too) is that while they enjoy things they're good at, that they won't store up treasures of this nature.  They only feed our ego, not our eternity.  Instead I hope they'll store up trophies in the areas of :
Most devoted follower of Christ
Champion lover of ALL people
MVP of humility and authenticity
1st place in servant hood

Matt. 6:20 & Hebrews 11:26, 

PS - Below is the picture version of the story:

Here the rules are being explained to rookie player, Ella.
Turns out the odds were in her favor...

My mom and mawmaw playing a round together.  Notice
the look of shock on my mom's face - the egg fighting got
pretty intense
Ella protecting her winning egg after the fight and looking
slightly confused about what just happened

The vintage "egg-fighting trum-phee"

Poor eggs...


  1. Hey Lindsey...this is Paul. My family invented egg fighting. We have been doing it every year since probably the early 1900's. When my great grandmother was alive and lived in the house on Washington street there would be an egg fight involving over 75 family members. We call the different sides of the egg the point or tip and the butt. So if you would have been around my grandmother's this past Sunday around 2:00 you probably would have thought you were watching an insane family as people walked around saying "I got a point" or "anybody got a butt"? It was nice seeing that were not the only family that fights eggs! Look at my Facebook page for pictures from this years fight!

  2. Paul - that's awesome!! I love that you even know the "history" of your family egg fighting, lol! I will def check out the pictures :o)