Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tasty Tuesday (a review of)

Who else's children snack CONSTANTLY?  (Good, glad I'm not alone)  In fact, I have to tell them that lunch and dinner are "snacks" to get them to eat them.  Kind of silly, huh?  That's not the part that has given me some concern lately though.  The part I think about a lot is what kind of food they are eating for their snacks (about the nutrients, lack there of, or chemicals in the foods).  I've had the plan churning in my mind for a while that I really needed to come up with a healthy list of snacks they could enjoy...but with cooking, cleaning, bath time, mealtime, work, exercise, shopping...you get the picture.  It's just hard to find time to plan.  But, OH it is so necessary, and makes a huge impact.  So, today I'm celebrating the fact that I was able to come up with a healthy snack list for the kids (ok...so maybe me and the hubby might eat some too...) that I thought I'd share.  I even got brave and made some homemade protein bars for us that are oh-so-delicious!

Yummy and Healthy Snacks:
  1. Yogurt
  2. Fruit (of course)
  3. Veggies (another no brainer...but I should add that these and fruit tend to get eaten a lot more in my house when they are already washed, cut up and ready for little (or big) hands to to grab and go.)
  4. Peanut Butter Pinwheels (Spread pb on one side of a wheat torilla, sprinkle some granola and maybe some honey...fold it up and cut into sections)
  5. Snack Mix: Kind of like Chex Mix but healthier.  I threw in whole grain cereal, raisins, granola, nuts, some Cheerios, and I added some Goldfish to break the kids in gently (their goldfish addiction is pretty strong - I don't know if they could handle stopping cold turkey, you know)
  6. Low Fat String Cheese
  7. Organic Fruit Chews
  8. Homemade Protein Bars  (I'm including the picture and link to this below.)
These are super yummy and packed with great stuff.  Thanks
to Lindsay over at her blog, Passionate Homemaking, for
posting this recipe!  Here is the link back if you wanna
try it out:

Disclaimer - I would hate for this list to make any moms out there feel like they are less than because they don't have a healthy snack list.  Let me just tell you that up until this week I didn't either.  I can also assure you that it will be a challenge for me to make sure I keep these or more healthy snacks stocked in the house.  I'm also sure that there is some area of your life that you've got it together at this point in time and I don't!  Just don't tell me what it is right now...so I can ride the high of finally making my healthy snack list :o)
What you CAN tell me is your great healthy snack idea - I'd love to add to the list!

Happy Snacking!


  1. You can always try whole grain goldfish.

    1. Yes, we love those...especially in different colors :)

  2. I'm such a snacker, and I only have a slim knowledge of nutrition. I'm glad to see a few of my favorite snacks made the list (yogurt, string cheese... though, I make no promises about it being low-fat). Those homemade protein bars look delicious!

    <>< Katie

    1. Katie - I only had a small knowledge of nutrition for a while too....I'm learning, and was overwhelmed at first. Now I'm learning how to make it less overwhelmind and incorporate it into our everyday eating :) Happy Snacking!

  3. My oldest child will not eat Yogurt but he loves to eat those little melt yogurts for babies that my youngest eats. So I took his yogurt put in a ziplock bag dolloped as many dots as I could on wax paper and froze them for him! The only way he will eat it.

    1. Dana - what a great idea! So many kids have problems with the texture of foods, not the actual taste...this is a great way to overcome that!